Hospital Privacy Screens KwickScreen For Healthcare - Improving Patients Experience

Various healthcare environments use hospital privacy screens KwickScreen to replace hospital curtains, create isolation zones and provide privacy & dignity. Hospital privacy screens with prints of nature improve the patient experience and create modern, clean state of the art healing environments.

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Provide Privacy and Dignity

- With KwickScreen you can create private spaces between patients effortlessly and within seconds

- Thanks to portability and lightness, KwickScreen provides dignity to the patients in emergency situations instantly

- Eliminate need for side rooms and any other costly architectonical alterations

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hospital privacy screens

hospital privacy screens

Ensure Hygiene and Infection Control 

- KwickScreen was designed with hygiene and infection control in mind and has passed all infection control tests

- KwickScreen acts as a psychological trigger improving hand hygiene compliance of your staff

- KwickScreen provides a physical barrier between beds and prevents infection transmission through droplets

- You can create a dignified atmosphere for infected patients by not stigmatising them by moving them out of the ward

- KwickScreen is easily cleaned by wiping or steaming and stays clean and hygienic with minimal effort

- In comparison to changing and cleaning hospital curtains, KwickScreen will save you time and effort. If you are using disposable curtains, KwickScreen will save you money in a long term.

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Create Dementia Friendly Environments

- With KwickScreen you can transform space into dementia friendly environment without expensive remodelling

- KwickScreen enables you to create life-size, high fidelity prints which make reminiscence sessions more realistic

- Fully customisable KwickScreen provides clear identification of certain zones and aids patient orientation

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hospital privacy screens_dementia

hospital privacy screens_simulation

Create Immersive Simulation Environment

- With KwickScreen you can create high fidelity training environment  easily, quickly and inexpensively

- Switch between scenarios quickly, even whilst on site

- Storage and transport of KwickScreen is easy, therefore you can take simulation training to more training places and conferences

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Incorporate Art

- With beautiful bespoke, life-size images printed on KwickScreens you can give your ward a non-clinical look and comfortable feel

- Create calming and relaxing sceneries for patients and staff alike

- The soothing and colourful images have a positive impact on subconsciousness, accelerate healing and keep patients engaged and open for conversation

- Give your space a unique character and make a positive impact in your patients' and staff experience, earning you their recognition and appreciation

hospital privacy screens

KwickScreen in Guy's Cancer Centre - European Healthcare Design Awards 2017


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